CDSTI is a non-profit organization and the clan gift items on these pages are available for the donation listed for each gift item (plus any shipping costs).

Donations from the last year allowed CDSTI to make a substantial contribution to the Clan Donnachaidh museum in Scotland. Thank you for your support!

To order or for more information, please contact  Janis Roberson.

Item Description Donation Picture
 This print of our ancient Clan Chief was painted by the late Tom Jones. It depicts the historical dress of a 14th century warrior. It includes our major clan sept names and it makes a great gift. $15.00 + Shipping
Clan Donnachaidh Challenge Coin. $10.00 + Shipping
3-1/2″ diameter embroidered crest. $5.00 + Shipping
Clan Caps with Crest available in Navy or Red only. $15.00 + Shipping
License Plate Holder. Dark green with clan name. $5.00 + Shipping
Clan Tartan Ribbon. Red Robertson pattern. $1.50 per yard + Shipping
Mouse Pad with Clan Chief. $8.00 + Shipping
Rosetts with Robertson Tartan. $8.00 + Shipping
Clan Glasses with crest. $10.00 + Shipping
Tea Cozies.  Duncan tartan only. $10.00 + Shipping
The Robertsons, Clan Donnachaidh in Atholl $16.00 + Shipping
CDSTI Nametag, plastic with full color crest and attachment pin. Contact Frank Woodall (see contact tab) for ordering instructions. $15.00 + Shipping

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