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Clan Donnachaidh Society of Texas, Inc. (CDSTI)
is an organization with a mission to promote a love and understanding of the common Scottish heritage among its members. CDSTI’s first stated purpose is to foster Scottish Clan sentiment and the enhancement of the family spirit of the Clan both at home and abroad. As stated in our bylaws, CDSTI objectives include improvement of social relationships among members, encouragement of education and implementations of Clan traditions, sharing information regarding Clan history, and the promotion of other charitable causes. CDSTI is also active in the financial and other support of the Clan Donnachaidh Society in Scotland, including the Clan historical museum in Bruar Falls, Perthshire.

CDSTI actively participates in several Texas Scottish Games, Celtic festivals, and special community events such as activities on national Tartan Day. Our members join CDSTI for a wide variety of reasons including a love of Scottish culture; interest in genealogy, friendship, and family; even a wee bit o’ roguishness as seen in the film Braveheart or our own inimitable Stout Duncan; and of course the entertainment, fun, food, and education we find at the games and festivals.

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